Transfer agent admits Mesut Ozil leave Arsenal this month

Erkut Sogut as Mesut Ozil’s transfer agent has finally opened his voice about the future of his client which has returned to the discussion recently. The agent confirmed that the former Real Madrid player had the potential to leave this month’s transfer window.

In this season’s campaign, Mikel Arteta has indeed taken the decision not to include Ozil’s name in Arsenal’s squad for the Europa League and Premier League. The decision relates to the fulfilled quota of 17 non-homegrown players.

Obviously this decision is somewhat sad for Ozil, because after all the German player is the player with the highest salary in the Arsenal squad, with a total of 350 thousand pounds he pocketed in a week.

Meanwhile, on the one hand, Ozil’s contract at Arsenal will only end in the summer of 2021. It could be that the former Real Madrid has just left for free in the summer or when his contract ends.

However, it seems that the player’s transfer agent, Erkut Sogut, has changed his mind a little.

“We were not allowed to legally speak before January 1st so now we are just starting to look at options with bid numbers and details. I can’t talk about the club directly because it’s unprofessional but in general.”

“There are six months left on the contract and it’s not uncommon that we will talk to people about different opportunities and try to find the best option for Mesut,” Sogut told ESPN.

So far there is no certainty, but the agent can ensure that in the next few days there will be clarity regarding the future of his client.

“If we want to leave in January, I need to talk to Arsenal. If we sign a contract for the summer, we don’t have to. That’s the situation.”

“In the next seven to 10 days, it will be a little clearer because now the transfer window is opened, everything can move faster,” he said.

Ozil can be said to be one of the most senior players at Arsenal, but indeed in recent years the situation has looked hostile for the midfielder.

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