Transfer agent denies rumor of Jorginho signing Juventus

A number of media reports mention that Juventus have begun to approach the Brazilian bloody player. However, Transfer Agent of Jorginho has denied it.

Indeed, Jorginho is one of Maurizio Sarri’s main players in the last two clubs, Napoli and Chelsea. The 28-year-old was led by Sarri to Chelsea, when he left Napoli in the summer of 2018.

However, in the summer transfer market in 2019 yesterday, the two separated. Sarri decided to go to Juventus, while Jorginho remained at Chelsea and was the mainstay of the Premier League club.

It was rumored that Sarri would bring Jorginho to Turin last summer, but that discourse did not materialize. However, this does not mean that the issue just died down.

Later, the discourse of Jorginho’s move evaporated to the Italian Serie A giants next summer. This speculation was even stronger when Jorginho continued to offer flattery to his former coach.

However, Jorginho’s transfer agent, Joao Santos can confirm that there has been no contact with Juventus so far. In addition, his client is also in a happy and fine condition at Chelsea.

“I read it, but I never made contact with them. Neither Sarri nor Fabio Paratici (Technical Director) have contacted me to ask for information about Jorginho,”

“To this day, I really don’t know anything about this situation. Jorginho himself is very happy in London, where he proved his worth and still has three years left on his contract,” Joao Santos told Calciomercato.

Furthermore, Joao Santos even admitted that it was likely that Chelsea would apply for a new contract next summer.

“In fact, in July there is a possibility we can start talks to add the remaining four years to extend his contract at Chelsea. I don’t know what the Juventus strategy is, but this is our plan for the future, “he stressed.

Since docked from Naples, Jorginho did not take long to adapt at Chelsea. He even still became the mainstay of the Blues this season under the direction of the new manager Frank Lampard.

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