Transfer agent spoke up about Mesut Ozil’s future at Arsenal

Transfer Agent Mesut Ozil, Erkut Sogut finally opened his voice about the riddle of his client’s future at Arsenal.

In the past two years, Ozil has often been rumored to be leaving the North London club. Former Real Madrid star was reportedly going to be kicked out by the Arsenal coach team, they considered Ozil was no longer making a meaningful contribution to the Gunners.

Ozil in the end did remain at Arsenal until now, but the public believes that he will be sold next summer. Some British media even believe that Ozil will move to Turkey to join Fenerbahce.

Erkut Sogut could not say much about the speculation, which was clear at this time his client was still bound by a contract for another year at Arsenal.

“Mesut still has a one-year contract at Arsenal,” Sogut told beIN Sports.

So far, he explained that there were no changes in the contracts of his clients.

“I don’t think there have been any changes regarding his contract at Arsenal. So we just wait for what will happen later. Mesut is 32 years old now, and he still has a few more years in his career.” Said the agent.

Furthermore, Erkut Sogut chose silence when asked about Ozil’s chance to join Fenerbahce. The player’s future is in the hands of the player himself, so where Ozil will be anchored after leaving Arsenal is confidential.

“Mesut and his family will immediately make decisions about their future. I believe that decision is the best decision for all. ”

“I can’t talk about the relationship between Mesut and Fenerbahce, because I don’t have the right to talk about it, because things like this are confidential.” The lid.

Mesut Ozil, 32, joined Arsenal in the 2013 summer transfer market from Real Madrid. The presence of Mikel Arteta as Arsenal’s new coach brought fresh air to Ozil, he began to be often relied upon again.

But, of course that will not be a guarantee for Ozil to get a new contract in the upcoming transfer market.

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