Tukul Arwana opens up about his relationship with Meggy Diaz

Lately, a lot of gossip has been heard about the closeness between comedian Tukul Arwana and the sworddut Meggy Diaz. Questioning this, Tukul, who is also known as the famous presenter, finally opened his voice.

Since his wife, Susi passed away in 2016, Tukul Arwana has indeed been widowed. In other words, it had been four years since she had a life partner.

Even so, the 57-year-old man admitted that he was still comfortable with his status as a widower.

“Yes, I am Alhamdulillah. Just comfortable, comfortable,” said Tukul.

Nevertheless, this man from Purwosari admits that he still opens the possibility to remarry or find a life partner. It’s just that, he won’t push himself, letting things go naturally according to God’s will.

“It just flows, later let it be selected by nature, guarded by Allah SWT,” said Tukul.

Actually, Tukul himself was rumored to be close to a number of women, but the most frequent and intense one was the Meggy Diaz sword. In fact, the two of them still seem close to this day.

Regarding that, Tukul cannot deny that he and Meggy do have quite a lot of chemistry or compatibility.

“He’s good at having chemistry, clicks, compounds, one wave and the same frequency with me, so it’s just comfortable,” said Tukul Arwana.

Furthermore, Tukul revealed that Meggy was an adult woman who understood her current condition as a widower.

“He already understands that my condition is like this, I already have children, that’s all. That means he can dive in and find out, I enjoy and transparency,” explained Tukul.

So, will the closeness with Meggy Diaz continue? Tukul doesn’t want to give a one-sided answer, because it all depends on the dangdut singer.

“Yes, if he thinks it’s good. Just live it,” said Tukul.

Meanwhile, after Susi died in 2016, Tukul was reportedly married to Meggy Diaz in a series. However, the oblique gossip has not been proven until now.

What is clear, Tukul himself is still active as a television presenter until now.

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