UEFA apologized to Arsenal and Chelsea, what’s wrong?

UEFA must admit that they made a mistake to Arsenal and Chelsea. This is inseparable from the many criticisms about the Europa League Final venue this season which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Apart from that, UEFA as the highest party of European football still believes it will accelerate the final at Baku Olympic Stadium.

Chelsea and Arsenal fans should be strong enough to navigate the long distance that will be taken to get to the final location. It is known to be able to get there, the distance traveled reaches 2,500 miles. Do not stop there, looking for flights to Baku is also very difficult, because there are not many direct routes from London, England to get there.

Fans are increasingly hesitant to watch the final match directly, because the price of airline tickets soars. In fact, Arsenal came up with open criticism to UEFA. The Gunners ask the reason behind UEFA’s decision to appoint Baku as the final venue, because they consider UEFA not to consider the difficulty factor of fans to reach the point of location.

This criticism soon received a response from UEFA and they replied: “The fellow final of the England team which brought together two London clubs was unpredictable when the final venue took place. No doubt this is indeed adding to the difficulties,” said UEFA Competition Director, Giorgio Marchetti.

“We are sorry for what happened to Arsenal and Chelsea fans who tried to arrange their trip to Baku. Our team will participate in solving this problem by helping to find cheaper solutions for fans. We are ready to work with your club to deal with this, “he concluded.

The Europa League final itself will be held in Baku on Thursday, 30 May 2019 at 02:00 WIB. For this upcoming match, Chelsea and Arsenal fans get an equal share of 6,000 tickets. Until now, Chelsea are still the seeded team to win this season.

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