UEFA ensures Barca vs Napoli would be held at Camp Nou

The European Football Association aka Uefa finally spoke up about the rumors that have been talked about in recent days about the Barcelona versus Napoli match. They ensured the party would continue to be held at Camp Nou.

Barcelona will indeed face Napoli in the second leg of the last 16 of the European Champions League this season.

After the first leg match which ended in a 1-1 draw at San Paolo, of course the second leg was rationed by Barcelona to play at home. However, rumors later emerged that made the Catalan Giant anxious.

Reportedly, the match was threatened canceled at the Estadio Camp Nou given the increasing cases of Corona Virus in Spain, especially in the city of Barcelona in recent days.

Had also heard the issue that the match will be moved to Portugal. In fact, Napoli is called to protest to UEFA to move the venue for the match because they feel threatened.

After a long period of silence, UEFA has finally confirmed that this party will continue to be held according to plan.

They ensure the second leg match between Barcelona against Napoli, as well as the rest of the second leg match of the other 16 round will still be held according to previous plans.

“We monitor the situation and we contact with competent local authorities. “This match is scheduled to be played in Barcelona as planned,” reads the official UEFA statement.

Aurelio De Launrentiis as President of Naples actually had indeed asked UEFA to move the match to Portugal or Germany.

Keep in mind, UEFA is planning to hold all the last eight European Champions League matches this season in Portugal. While Germany is hosting the last eight of the Europa League.

But it seems that the request of Aurelio De Laurentiis was not heeded by UEFA, because according to them at the time it was a fair plan for all teams.

Especially for Barcelona, ​​where before they failed to win when they travel to Italy. Now Lionel Messi and his friends will clearly maximize the second leg to qualify for the last eight.

Meanwhile, the results of the draw for the last 8 have been released by UEFA. The winner of the Barca match against Napoli will face the winner of the Bayern Munich match against Chelsea.

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