Unai Emery fully supports Mikel Arteta as Arsenal manager

Even though his period at Arsenal seemed bad, especially leading to his dismissal, Unai Emery did not necessarily hate the North London club. The Spanish coach even fully supports Mikel Arteta in carrying out his duties as manager there.

Unai Emery is indeed believed to be the successor to Arsene Wenger in 2018. At first, all went well, but his term at the Emirates Stadium ended after 18 months in office.

In his first season, this man from Spain successfully brought Arsenal into the top four and reached the final of the Europa League. But his second season turned out to be disastrous, a series of bad results until he was finally sacked.

Now, working as Villarreal coach, Unai Emery is back to talking about those times. Emery reiterated how good his first year at Arsenal was. He succeeded in developing the team and meeting the targets set.

This achievement made the Gunners fans’ expectations for the second season even higher.

“I worked at Arsenal for a year and a half, and that first year I think was a very good season. We reached the Europa League final, we competed until the last moment to try to get into the top four.”

“We gave back the confidence of the club and the fans, also for the players. I think we ended the season well at that time,” Emery told the London Football.

However, things were reversed in season two, with Emery admitting he may have made a number of wrong decisions to the detriment of the club.

“It was only in season two, in the first six months when I was sacked in November, that I thought we had made some bad decisions for the club,”

“When the results are a little bad, the situation changes, but I remember a lot of positive things in my first year at Arsenal.” Emery continued.

However, the former Paris Saint-Germain coach is not at all disappointed or hated against Arsenal. He knows that this is football and now he fully supports Mikel Arteta who is the head coach.

“This is football. Now I want the best for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta, for the fans, and for all at the club,” he said.

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