Uploaded sexy photos on Instagram, Salmafina blasphemed by netizens

Salmafina Sunan is often in the spotlight of netizens, and recently her uploads on Instagram have become the target of warganet blasphemy. It’s not about her lover anymore, it’s about sexy photos.

Yes, the 21-year-old woman uploaded a sexy photo when she was at a beach wearing only a Swimming Suit.

Realizing that her photo will receive oblique comments from netizens, this daughter of Sunan Kalijaga then wrote the following caption:

“Before the strange comments, I just want to tell you this is on the BEACH, not the MOUNTAIN. So, the SWIMMING SUIT is not a JACKET. Yes, on the BEACH, I wear a cover,” wrote Salmafina Sunan on her Instagram.

But, still there are many netizens who immediately write various kinds of opinions and blasphemies in the comments column. There is even one netizen who thinks that Salmafina Sunan has no more shame.

“Shame has been cut off,” commented the ham *** account.

Regarding this opinion, Salmafina Sunan did not remain silent, he was not angry, instead he laughed at the comments from Warganet who blasphemed him regarding the post.

“There is still ma’am, if I have a problem with my veins I usually take it to the hajj naim massage … recommendations,” replied Salmafina Sunan in her comment column.

Interestingly, there is one netizen who is concerned with linking this post to Salmafina’s decision to convert.

“The reason she converts religion is for this hahahaha,” explained the account oi ***.

It did not stop there, some comments defended Salmafina Sunan, but it is better for the celebgram not to upload photos like that again so as not to cause uproar from netizens.

“Agreed. Sometimes people just judge from the outside. Remain sure and believe that God and family will not leave you,” commented the account ver ***.

“Yeah, really, but it’s better not to be too open,” said the wal *** account.

Salmafinan argued again, according to him, wearing clothes like that rather than wearing only a bikini.

“It’s not better than a bikini alone. You think this is extraordinary, in my opinion it’s just normal. Normal swimwear. If you don’t like it, it’s fine,” replied Salmafina again.

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