Usain Bolt feels happy after Mourinho fired by MU

The story of Jose Mourinho‘s departure from Manchester United’s main coaching squad, continues to present interesting stories, the latest coming of which is a hot response from the legendary world number one sprinter, Usain Bolt. In a brief confession, he felt very happy when the Red Devils decided to cooperate with the former Chelsea coach.

Mourinho came to Old Trafford as a successor to Luis Van Gaal in the 2016 season. At that time, the situation of Manchester United was not good by being in the Europa League zone and Mourinho’s figure is expected to restore their glory on domestic and European stage.

Mourinho’s first season was successful, where he successfully led Manchester United out of the Europa League and returned the team to the Champions League stage with a total of three championship trophies at once.

That season must be accepted with a beautiful season while as in his second season Mourinho was considered a failure because he did not give a trophy. Even so, Mourinho was able to give second place under Manchester City who came out as the Premier League champion.

His third season further aggravated Mourinho’s condition which was eventually expelled in December and replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Pressure really happened, since Mourinho trained, Manchester United is known as a team that plays defensively.

On that basis, why many fans claim that Mourinho has violated the tradition of the Red Devils, which emphasizes more on the attacking game that has long been adhered to by Sir Alex Ferguson. The story of Mourinho’s departure turned out to be responded positively by many parties.

Including from Bolt himself who claimed to be grateful not to see Mourinho dibangku Manchester United. According to Blot, it is appropriate that Mourinho resign, let alone be sacked because his tactics did not match at all with the club.

“In my opinion, Mourinho can’t play our football, that’s why it doesn’t work. Watching Manchester United from Fergie’s days [Sir Alex Ferguson] we are always a team that plays attacking, no matter what is happening,” said Bolt.

“Even if we don’t meet with opponents it’s not good, they always play attacking. For us to be a defensive team will never succeed, “closed Bolt who had once experienced a trial at Old Trafford.

The situation has now changed, and can be said to return to its time. Now Manchester United are again attacking under the care of Solskjaer. Bolt also admitted that he was quite happy to witness the appearance of Paul Pogba and his friends, although eventually it fell back due to inconsistency.

“For me, it’s not good for me to say all this will be happy, but I’m happy with the style of football that we play now. It depends on who we are recruiting this summer,” said Bolt sarcastically about the preparation of the Red Devils next season.

“I predict we will be better next year with some new players, we should be fine. We must be patient and believe, believe is our motto, so we have to believe it, “concluded Bolt.

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