Valentino Rossi very upset after testing positive for Covid-19

Being infected with the Coronavirus makes Valentino Rossi very upset, because he has been very careful about carrying out health protocols and maintaining his body health. This was revealed by Alberto Tebaldi as CEO of VR46.

As is known, Valentino Rossi was indeed caught having Covid-19 since a few days ago. However, Yamaha can ensure that the Team Monster Energy riders adhere to medical protocol very well.

As a result of the infection, The Doctor couldn’t leave the house because he had to undergo a 10-day self-quarantine.

The first time Rossi felt that something was wrong was that when he was leaving for the Aragon Grand Prix, he felt that his body had a high fever. After going through two PCR tests, the results showed that the person concerned was indeed infected with the Corona Virus.

“Physically, Vale is fine. You could say he’s semi-asymptomatic. He had symptoms the day he had to leave (for Aragon), which was Thursday morning.”

“On Friday, he felt worse, but then nothing. Now he is fine, physically in good condition, “said Tebaldi via GPOne.

Furthermore, Tebaldi revealed that Rossi was very upset with this incident. The reason is, he is very careful and adheres to the existing health protocols, especially considering that Italy is one of the countries with the highest number of Corona cases in the world.

“Vale is very angry. He is really very disappointed about this incident, because he is always careful. He is as sad as anyone else. We have friends who were sick, as well as our parents, our grandparents. , the people we love, “continued Tebaldi.

Fortunately, the rider’s current condition continues to improve, it’s much better than before. However, it is not yet known whether Rossi will attend the European MotoGP at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Valencia, Spain, on November 6-8.

There must be another PCR test that Rossi goes through, if later the test results are negative, then Rossi can return to the track. But if it is still positive, the person concerned will have to undergo a longer self-quarantine period.

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