Valentino Rossi’s best 3 title wins at MotoGP

Competition with great riders makes Valentino Rossi continue to grow in terms of ability. The Doctor has recorded many victories from his rivals, but there are three of the most memorable wins.

Valentino Rossi is the most senior rider among all MotoGP riders this season. Yamaha’s Monster Energy Rider Team is now 41 years old. That is, the 2020 season campaign became his 20th season in MotoGP, starting from the debut season in 2000.

Over the past 20 years, The Doctor has recorded 341 races, with 89 wins he has won among them. Over the past two decades, Rossi managed to become world champion 7 times.

Victory after victory certainly feels very satisfying for the 41-year-old racer. Number 89 is very much, but of course not all are memorable. Now, in his latest interview with Autosport, Rossi revealed three favorite wins.

One of them is when competing with Jorge Lorenzo at the Catalunya GP in 2009. At that time, Rossi managed to overtake the Spanish Rider at the last corner.

“In my personal ranking about winning throughout my career, I have had three wins. These three included the 2004 Welkom race which was my first win with Yamaha

Laguna Seca 2008 during the fight against Stoner; and Barcelona in 2009 when fighting the final corner with Jorge Lorenzo, “said Rossi, reported from Autosport.

During his career, Rossi was involved in fierce rivalries with many legendary riders such as Max Biaggi to Jorge Lorenzo. This rivalry according to The Doctor has made his ability to continue to develop over time.

“I have experienced great races with Max Biaggi, Sete Gibernau, and finally with Jorge Lorenzo. When you have rivals in such a way, it actually becomes fuel to improve everyone’s performance and raise their level, “he said.

“Because at first it was a race and after that it became something a little personal. That means it can give you more up front and the level will also increase, “said Rossi.

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