Van Dijk suffered a burst appendix and almost died

One horror incident has just been told by Liverpool’s star defender, Virgil Van Dijk, who managed to escape death after suffering from appendicitis. This incident began in the 2012 season, where the intestine suffered a severe rupture.

Coming in with a £ 75 million price tag from Southampton in the winter of 2018, the name of Virgil Van Dijk suddenly became one of the world’s best defenders and also the most expensive Premier League defender. So far he has succeeded in contributing and opportunities to end the Premier League championship famine with the last time in the 1990 season.

His best achievement for now is being able to bring Liverpool to reach the Champions League final. Van Dijk also became an important pillar of the Dutch National Team as the team captain. Referring to what he already had now, Virgil Van Dijk must remember the incident while he was in Groningen.

Broken appendicitis was also experienced by Van Dijk, because he underwent an inappropriate diet. As a result, Van Dijk had to stay at the hospital for around 13 days. This moment missed Van Dijk to undergo a super big match match against Heerenveen.

“I looked at death right in my eyes, and it was terrible. For the first time in my life, football has no meaning for me. It was not important at all. It’s all about trying to stay alive, “Van Dijk opened.

Interestingly, here, when Vanity and preparation were done, Van Dijk wrote a will in preparation for his death. Although he did not have to do this, but still at that time he claimed to have been very resigned.

“I am with my family and closer to my mother and have done prayers all the time. Everything has been arranged and prepared when I am gone. At one point, I had to sign these documents. That is a will, “Van Dijk continued.

“If I will die in the hospital, some of my money will go to my mother. No one wants to raise this issue, but it needs to be addressed because there is a possibility that I will die there. ”

“When I lay in the hospital, I was re-aware of that. All I can see are tubes and lots of cables in my body. My body is broken. I can’t do anything. All the bad things crossed my mind, “Van Dijk concluded.

So far, the figure of Van Dijk has become very crucial for Liverpool and the Dutch National Team. In his last kick, Van Dijk will defend the Netherlands in the upcoming 2020 Euro finals. And entering at the end of March, Van Dijk will return to join back Liverpool in the mission to win the Premier League and Champions League titles.

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