Via Vallen affirms being infected with the Covid-19 is not a disgrace

Indonesian Dangdut singer, Via Vallen spoke about the pros and cons that emerged related to her confession some time ago. None other than the confession about her biological sister infected with the coronavirus or Covid-19.

For information, Via Vallen biological sister is indeed suffering from the coronavirus or Covid-19, which was revealed by the singer herself.

Instead of getting support, not a few who actually excommunicate Via Vallen’s family because of this. In fact, people who live around the family’s home began to reduce contact and even avoid contact with the Via’s family.

Many of Via’s neighbors were afraid of being infected by the plague, because the singer of the song ‘Meraih Bintang’ had felt annoyed and issued a complaint through social media.

Aware that the statement about her sister has been infected by coronavirus gave rise to pros and cons, Via Vallen tried to explain.

The singer emphasized that having Corona Virus as experienced by his sister was not a disgrace, so there should be no shame. However, Via could not argue that the exclusion from the community made her feel a bit burdened.

“Yes, certainly a little (burden) yes. I’m like convincing me that infected with COVID-19 is not a disgrace. So why should I be ashamed? With me talking to others I educate them,” said Via Vallen through a video call on a private television show recently.

In fact, according to Via Vallen the community should be able to appreciate their family’s efforts to be honest. In fact, when there is no any information about Covid-19 patients, it actually becomes a big problem.

“Then, you can’t, you exclude people who openly admit that they are positive. Later, if they are positive, they don’t want to admit it, it’s a hassle,” said Via Vallen.

For information, Via Vallen’s sister is an OTG or a person without symptoms. In a sense, she has tested positive for coronavirus but without showing symptoms such as coughing, fever and so on.

Because of her status, the younger sister does not need to undergo a period of isolation and receive treatment at the hospital. Concerned only undergo isolation at home, of course in a special room.

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