Via Vallen shared her struggle to buy luxury car which has been destroyed in a fire

Indonesian dangdut singer, Via Vallen shared her sad feeling after the Toyota Alphard which was painstakingly bought, now has been destroyed in a fire. The 28-year-old singer told how her hard struggle to be able to buy a luxury car.

The hard struggle was told by Via Vallen via upload on Instagram. The Indonesian singer who started become popular from “Sayang” song, tells how she performed in various places and traveled by land, sea and air almost every day, in order to collect Rupiah coffers.

In fact, Via also said she often sleep less, because of many offers to gig and of course automatically she also rarely gets the chance to go home.

No wonder, once the results of her hard work were collected, Via immediately bought her dream car, a Toyota Alphard Luxury Car with a tag of more than 1 billion Rupiah. The car was paid by cash included insurance duration of 2 years.

“When I was busy with work off the water, I rarely got home and didn’t get enough rest because I had to move places. Travel by land, sea, air almost every day. Alhamdulillah the money was collected, I bought this car and I insured it for 2 years, “she wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately, after more than two years of having the vehicle of her dreams, the beautiful singer actually was affected by the fire because someone’s actions were irresponsible. The man named Pije had burned her car until almost nothing left.

Even more stifling, the incident actually took place after the car insurance ended. Related to this, Via Vallen admitted that she did not have the chance to extend the insurance, especially since she had been quiet from the pandemic.

“Insurance ended last May and the insurance has not been extended shortly beforehand, people were burned at the time of a pandemic like this, where I myself had been living for almost three months because the conditions were not normal,” he said.

Via herself previously admitted resignation to this incident, but seeing the condition of her car now, she became confused.

“I know, all I have is a deposit. Just now the condition of the car like this, even confused what to do,” she said.

Meanwhile, the arsonist named Pije has been arrested, she cried and made an apology to Via Vallen.

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