Vicky Nitinegoro is very special for Nikita Mirzani?

As one of the Indonesia celebrity, Nikita Mirzani is known to be close to a number of men, but the closest she thinks is Vicky Nitinegoro. In fact, Nikita considered that Vicky’s closeness was not like a friend, but rather more like her own boyfriend.

The public initially thought that Vicky Nitinegoro and Nikita Mirzani were dating, but in fact the two figures were only friends. They have even established friendships since 2007.

However, Nikita admitted that even as an ordinary friend, Vicky often paid more attention to herself. In fact, Vicky often reprimands Nikita when she dislikes something from the video on her YouTube channel.

“Yeah, he means my YouTube follower, Crazy Nikmir REAL, otherwise he wouldn’t know what I’m talking about, right,” Nikita said relaxed when met at the South Jakarta District Court recently.

Like dating people in general, the relationship between Vicky Nitinegoro and Nikita Mirzani is often spiced with quarrels. Both of them had several times teased each other on social media, even their fights usually lasted a long time.

“Arguing often, but only in the story-in yesterday. If noiseless without stories, often. I’m not sorry, he’s a fool, in DM he was joking,”

“Fighting for a long time I can, can be two months, three months, depending. I like going out with him, but not dating. If it’s noisy then, “continued Nikita.

Vicky seems to be very special for Nikita Mirzani, even the 34-year-old woman is so looking forward to the presence of a friend but her love was in a birthday event yesterday.

Not only that, Nikita even has her own nickname for Vicky by the name of Dower.

“Yes, if you say (his lips fell), it means that Vicky is a person who always accepts Niki as is, what is she talking about, yes, yes,” said Nikita Mirzani.

Interestingly, Nikita Mirzani claimed to be ready to get married to Vicky Nitinegoro if it was intended.

“Well, I don’t know. Let see, who knows if he is my soul mate, then I will marry him,” she concluded.

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