Vidal: Coronavirus is like a nightmare that getting worse and worse

Barcelona midfielder, Arturo Vidal looks uneasy and worried about the Coronavirus epidemic that is getting worse.

The Coronavirus pandemic has indeed become a serious problem for the past two months. The reason is, the spread of this virus is very fast, and in fact there is no definite vaccine or drug to eradicate the virus.

Football also felt the impact of the plague, where all these sports activities were temporarily stopped. The players are also encouraged or more precisely required to undergo an independent quarantine at their respective homes.

Including Arturo Vidal, the Barcelona midfielder can now only stay at home. Concerning this situation, the former Juventus star feels strange about this quarantine.

However, there is no worse part than hearing the news that people die every day because of this virus. Vidal considers the virus like a nightmare that continues to get worse.

“It feels very strange. At home every day, seeing people die all over the world. That is terrible. I am constantly worried and I feel that this is like a nightmare that is getting worse and worse. ” Vidal said to Marca.

Furthermore, the former Bayern Munich player admitted that he was sad to see the current situation. Especially the fact that no one knows when this situation will really end.

“I’m really sad about everything, because no one knows when this will end. I never thought something like this could happen. We just need to stay there for each other,” he said.

Now, to fill his emptiness at home, Vidal himself still maintains fitness by doing physical exercise. Usually in a day, the 31-year-old figure does physical exercise twice.

“I still practice twice a day. Before I practiced once at the club and once at home, but now twice at home,” continued Vidal.

Before the Coronavirus Pandemic disrupted football competition, Vidal himself was rumored to be leaving Barcelona next summer. The reason is, the player rarely gets the chance to appear in the Catalan Giant first team.

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