Vinales almost signed Ducati because of this

Interest in the Ducati Motorbike is not the only reason why Maverick Vinales had almost signed a proposal from Ducati for the upcoming 2021 season. But also because there is something else.

The Italian manufacturer is indeed trying to target talented young riders, and Maverick Vinales who is still 25 years old can be called an easy target. On the one hand, the Spanish Rider looked like he half-heartedly defended Team Monster Energy Yamaha.

Naturally, since 2017 Vinales is often constrained by technical problems in the mounts he uses. So, the 25-year-old rider had almost received an offer from Ducati. However, in the end he stayed at Yamaha because he began to gain trust.

“Now I can trust from them and 100% know they keep me. I am happy to last two more years at Yamaha to win the title, because this is the most important thing, “Vinales said via

The move to Ducati was in Vinales’ mind, not only because of the fact that he was so close to the management of the Italian manufacturer, but also because of his mounts.

Yes, this 25-year-old Rider feels that the Ducati motorbike will fit very well with his aggressive racing style.

“Going to Ducati is on my mind, because I have a very good relationship with its management. I also consider it because they have a motorcycle that is suitable for my racing style, “he said.

Vinales finally stayed at Yamaha, he agreed to a two-year contract, and was guaranteed to be Number One Rider on Yamaha’s Monster Energy Team. This decision is also because he does not want to be disturbed focus on defending other manufacturers next season.

“Finally, I made a decision while thinking about this year, because I have a target: not undergo races like 2019 or 2018. Besides, I don’t know if I could race at the same level if I knew I would leave Yamaha at the end of the season,” he concluded.

Maverick Vinales, 25, performed brilliantly in two pre-season trial editions last February. He managed to record the fastest time.

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