Vinicius Junior officially in a relationship with a young-sexy blogger

Real Madrid wonderkid, Vinicius Junior might be regarded as a man who is not confident when faced with a camera situation. One proof of that justification is when the player expressly denied that he had a relationship with the figure of a sexy woman.

The issue also seemed to confirm that Vinicius was someone who was good at hiding things. Where one incident gave an answer that at this time, Vinicius was close to a young and sexy blogger, Maria Julia Mazali.

“Not true, there is no one. I am in the most important part of my life, “said Vinicius when asked if he was currently in contact with a chosen woman.

When referring to its current status, Vinicius’s career is indeed rising. Still 18 years old, Vinicius is in the EL Real core squad. Then, it is only natural that the former Flamengo player did not want his concentration as a player who wanted to continue to grow disturbed by things like women.

However, the certainty of Vinicius wants to focus first with Madrid as if it were not true, where one of the media from Brazil claims to find evidence of the player’s position with Mazali. The 23-year-old woman is known as a beautiful blogger, who has millions of followers on her Instagram account.

The beginning of Vinicius’s relationship with Mazali was revealed, because it was found a photo of Mazali with a background of a bathroom in Vinicius’s residence at Real Madrid. If you dissect the intent and purpose, it can be claimed that both Vinicius and Mazali want to give a code to the public that they are officially dating.

The news of this justification has not been answered by Vinicius or Mazali. Both were seen avoiding the camera’s spotlight and were reluctant to make comments. What’s more important now is Vinicius must focus on returning to Real Madrid, which is currently in the process of healing ankle injuries.

Vinicius must really fight back because he has to gain the trust of the new Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane. If justifying this expression, it is very clear that Vinicius’s figure began to shine under the direction of Santiago Solari.

Throughout Solari’s responsibilities, Vinicius played a total of 28 matches and scored 3 goals with 12 assists. Now the situation has changed, and is Vinicius capable to gain the trust of Zidane? Let’s see!

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