Vinicius Junior’s former club burnt down, 10 people reportedly died

The news of grief comes from the world of football, where the headquarters of the big club of the Brazilian club, Flamengo, who is a former young star club Real Madrid, Vinicius Junior experienced a great fire which reportedly killed 10 people.

That big fire took place in the area of the Flamengo FC training complex in the Vargem Grande area located on the western side of the city of Rio De Jeneiro. The fire took place in the old part of Nido Del Urubu, which was a training site for Vinicius with Flamengo.

This incident occurred at 5:17 am local time, so that many of them were still sleeping and had no time to escape or even know what was happening.

“Based on the examination, many were sleeping when the fire occurred, and there were many of them who could not escape from the building,” according to one of the firefighters.

From 10 victims, there were four Flamengo junior players, two players who were on trial at Flamengo and four club employees. The injured victim recorded three Flamengo junior players. One victim who reportedly suffered severe illness was Jonathan Cruz Ventura who had to be rushed to the ICU at Lorenco Jorge Hospital with critical status.

This news immediately shocked the public, especially Vinicius who was a former club player there. The profile says that Vinicius is a graduate of the Flamengo academy. And himself feels very sad and ready to provide assistance if needed.

“Sad news. Let’s pray for everyone who is there. Please stay strong, stay strong, stay strong. “Vinicius conveyed in his personal Instagram account.

According to the latest report, the fire department has succeeded in extinguishing the flames. And parties from the Brazilian police are reportedly identifying the fires, and to date there have been no official reports from the authorities and the Flamengo club itself.

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