Vulnerable objects that easily infected with bacteria and viruses

Now the community is still horrified by the Coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19. Considering that in Indonesia more than 360 cases have been found, the community began to flock to take precautions such as wearing masks to washing hands regularly.

Spread can indeed occur due to direct physical contact with infected patients and whether intentionally or not touching items easily infected with viruses and bacteria. What are these items?

TV remote

Television remote, especially those in public places, are very vulnerable to being a den of bacteria and viruses. How come? This one thing often changes hands, and we don’t know whether the one holding before leaves bacteria and viruses or not.

The study found, the remote is the most elevated place containing bacteria and fungi, known to the number of bacteria and fungi on the TV remote as much as 290 units per cm square. The scale is in fact more than the number of bacteria and fungus in the toilet seat!

Mobile phone

Mobile phones are things that people almost always carry wherever they go. Research shows that mobile is one of the media that has the greatest potential in indirect transmission.

In fact, the number of bacteria found on one’s cellphone is 10 times the number of bacteria in the toilet seat. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the cellphone with alcohol to reduce the number of viruses and bacteria.

Shopping trolley

Shopping Cart automatically becomes one of the indirect spreads of Corona Virus, how not? People who go to the Super Market certainly do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the trolley they use, and are alternately used by others. Just like a TV Remote.


And lastly of course money is either in the form of coins or bills. In fact, a sheet of money can be found in hundreds of bacteria and viruses that alight. Because money has changed hands a lot. Research says, 36 percent of bacteria found in money can be a cause of various diseases.

But we cannot dispute the fact that the items above are items that are always needed. So how to work around this? of course with regular hand washing, and enhance the immune system.

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