Wanda Nara shared her topless photo with Icardi

The figure of Wanda Nara seems to be inseparable from the coverage of the world media, the last time the furor occurs when she is claimed to obstruct the intentions of Mauro Icardi, who is also her husband to survive with Inter Milan.

The latest is back more excited but not from the Icardi’s scandal as a star player, but from the side that is more tempting especially for men. Wanda Nara’s post appeared to shake Instagram social media.

Wanda Nara along with Icardi shared a series of black and white photos on her personal Instagram account. But, there is one photo that attracts a lot of attention, namely the naked photo of her that looks so faint without the slightest sketch. It can be explained here that the display of the photo shows shirtless of Wanda Nara on Icardi’s stomach. This photo quickly gave a drooling effect of 450,000 people with the contents of praise and criticism comments.

Not only their naked photos, but there is another photo that shows Wanda Nara while in the Rolls Royce Wraith in a parking lot also managed to attract millions of followers. The attitude of Wanda Nara who active on social media is considered normal.

This attitude was known to have disappeared in the past few weeks. The absence of Wanda Nara on social media was due to taking care of Icardi’s contract status with Inter Milan. Until now, the figure of Icardi has attracted many European elite clubs.

Chelsea, Real Madrid and Juventus are clubs that are so interested in hijacking Icardi from Inter Milan. The latest report says that Wanda Nara is eager to see Icardi in the Bianconeri uniform, as there is the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is claimed to have a positive impact on the continuation of his career.

For Icardi’s attitude of disobedience, he had been sanctioned by Inter Milan by not playing as a core player and removing his position as team captain. Icardi, a 26-year-old player, is predicted to will leave in the summer transfer market, Inter have reportedly been furious with Icardi’s stance and are planning to reduce their selling price to 52 million pounds.

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