Wanda Nara very upset after being called destructive of Icardi’s attitude

The story of Wanda Nara‘s life with Mauro Icardi seems never empty, after successfully docked to Paris Saint Germain from Inter Milan. Now the figure of 38-year-old woman is referred to as a failure of Icardi’s career as a world-class star candidate.

Bad nickname just came out, last time Wanda Nara was very upset when she was considered to be a bad influence for her husband. Wanda Nara is an agent and also the husband of Icardi.

This bad name was tried to be ignored by Wanda Nara by claiming to always want to give the best for Icardi both in the world of football and the family world. Responding to Icardi’s failure to graze in Serie A and the Premier League, Wanda Nara admitted landing to Paris was the best decision at the end of the 2019 summer transfer market.

Wanda Nara added that Icardi’s quality would be able to deliver PSG to triumph in the domestic league and the European League in the 2019-2020 season.
“Icardi can’t refuse it. They (PSG) clubs are full of stars and Mauro feels honored to be a part of them. At the end of the season we have to give the best decision for him (Icardi) is: I work for him, but he made a decision, “said Wanda Nara.

The capacity of Wanda Nara clearly cannot be eliminated by both, as agents and wives. Then Wanda Nara dared to comment as someone who knew Icardi. According to her, the player will definitely agree with the bad situation experienced in the last season with Inter Milan.

One thing that is important with the decision to accept the PSG proposal is the problem of finding peace, given the media so often preach Icardi, so that it can disrupt the story of the journey of his children.

“Everyone and they dare say that I hurt my husband, the father of my children. Do people think when they talk? How could I not want the best for Mauro? The best is mine too, “said Wanda Nara.

“Bad people, I’m not in this story, I’m the one who found a solution. It’s difficult to get out of this situation with a team at PSG level, “she concluded.

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