Wanda, the figure who changed Icardi’s character dramatically

The figure of Mauro Icardi seems to be in the spotlight of the world media over the attitude of his controversy in recent months. This becomes very interesting to dissect, and one of the figures who changed the attitude of the player was the former mainstay agent of Inter Milan’s attacker.

According to the former agent, Icardi has undergone a 90 degree change since Wanda Nara‘s presence in his love life. This setback greatly made him surprised because Icardi had previously been ambitious and had a clear mission vision regarding his football career.

All this is increasingly seen when Inter Milan prepare to face the last 32 of the Europa League leg 2 against Rapid Vienna, the public is then surprised by the certainty that Icardi’s position as captain has been lifted. After the incident and until now Icardi’s name has not been included in the Inter Milan core squad.

All of these problems also refer to one name namely, Wanda Nara who is considered to heat up the atmosphere between Inter and Icardi. Heard a rumour that Wanda gave an incitement not to accept the contract extension offered by Inter Milan, and it was clear that the clothing model in the section refers to a new club.

“Icardi has changed dramatically since there was Wanda in his life. Previously, he was humble, full of concentration, so wanted to grow and develop, “continued Morano.

“The way he views life has changed, in a direction that I think is wrong.” said Abian Morano, as the former Icardi agent.

“Actually I was not too surprised by the situation that happened now, I had time to work with his wife, I immediately felt a change in attitude. He is isolated. This change can make his future as a sportsman in danger,”

“Surely he will leave Inter. I believe, with the right service, Icardi is one of the 9 best numbers out there, even competing for Golden Shoes, “he concluded.

So far there has been no certainty from Icardi or Inter Milan, and what sounds now is speculation Icardi will soon leave Inter Milan to consider offers to play for Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

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