Want to be Ranty Maria’s lover, here’s this the requirement!

Indonesian artist Ranty Maria apparently has not had a male partner since the last two years. But not without reason, she claimed only wanted to have a serious relationship.

Ranty Maria herself is one of the beautiful young artists, who is a favorite among men netizen. And recently concerned became a star appearing on Franda’s Youtube Channel, wife of Samual Zyglwyn.

One of the things discussed in their conversation was the romance of Ranty Maria. Indeed, who is the 21-year-old woman lover is indeed not revealed so far. For this reason, Samuel Zylgwyn was curious.

Surprisingly, Ranty Maria actually claimed to have been holding single status since the last two years.

“No (boyfriend). Single. Needs 2 years (single),” she said.

Even so, it does not mean that Ammar Zoni’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t have male fans, she has even been approached by men. It’s just that, Ranty Maria now is not like before, she is more selective in choosing the man who will accompany her.

In the video, Ranty Maria mentions some of the criteria for men she considers to be her lover. First, Ranty wants to date a man, who is in the same religion. So, when a man of different religions approaches, she will not respond anymore.

Not without purpose, according to her, dating a man of different religions is a waste of time.

“Yes there is only I prefer. Sometimes this is how you know, from the last time I dated a lot, I finally knew what I wanted and I didn’t want to. So, if you just decipher it, it’s already different religion, for example, oh, I don’t think so, because I don’t want to waste time again, “she said.

Then, Ranty will also be more selective, she will choose a really good man.

“Then when it’s religious, it works, but there are things that I can’t tolerate, if I already have a bad feeling, I can’t,” she said.

For information, Ranty Maria had been in a relationship with Ammar Zoni and Mischa Candrawinata, before that, she also ever been rumored with Rayn Wijaya.

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