Want to be Sule’s wife? Here’s the requirements

Sule, the Indonesian senior comedian holds the status of widower. With the fact that he has abundant wealth, of course there are many women who are waiting in line to be married to this long-haired man.

As is known, before Sule married his first love, Lina Jubaedah. However, after 20 years of marriage and three children, the couple divorced in 2018.

Sule then holds the status of widower since then, along with him he began to be rumored with several beautiful women. One of them is Naomi Zaskia, a beautiful woman, who is known as a model.

Both are often seen together on several occasions. However, Sule himself seemed reluctant to provide clear information about his relationship with Naomi, and vice versa.

Although it is often rumored to be marrying the beautiful Mode, Sule is in fact still a widower until now. However, the figure known through the talent search event did not rule out the possibility of remarrying a second time in the future.

He revealed this in a question and answer session on the Youtube channel account, Putri Delina, who was none other than her only daughter. However, Sule sets standards or conditions for the woman he wants to marry.

The first condition is that he must like the woman, and vice versa.

“So I want it, daddy likes him too. Or vice versa, he likes dad too. So, if it’s already been equally delicious, so get to know the kids, the family, then we decide to get married, “Sule said during a conversation with his second child.

Then the second condition is that the woman must also be able to love her three children.

“What is clear is that for a companion, as long as he loves father, child, family, thank God,” explained Sule.

Sule currently has three children, including Rizky Febian who is now known as one of the most popular singers in the country.

While Sule’s ex-wife, Lina Jubaedah did get married again to a man named Teddy. Unfortunately, Lina died earlier this year from a heart attack.

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