Wants more children, Aura Kasih ready for remarry

Aura Kasih’s marriage with Eryck Amaral cannot be said to be lasting, considering that this couple has officially divorced after only two years of marriage. However, this fact does not necessarily make Aura Kasih feel traumatized to have a household with other men in the future.

Previously, it should be noted that Aura Kasih and Eryck Amaral were married on December 26, 2018. Eryck Amaral himself is a foreigner from Brazil who reportedly has known Aura Kasih for a long time.

This married couple has also been blessed with a daughter who is named Arrabella. Unfortunately, the presence of the little one does not necessarily make Aura and Amaral’s household last, as the divorce process of this couple is currently underway.

The information is that Aura Kasih herself sued for Eryck Amaral for divorce, but that does not mean that the singer of ‘Mari Bercinta’ is traumatized by marriage.

This was revealed by Aura Kasih when he was a guest star on the YouTube Channel Hermansyah A6. At that time, Aura Kasih said she wanted to have many children, so she still wanted to marry another man in the future.

“No trauma, but take it easy (to get married again). I really want to have more children,” said Aura on The Hermansyah A6 YouTube Channel.

It’s just that, for now, Aura Kasih doesn’t feel lonely because of Arrabella’s presence.

“You will feel different after having children. In the past, when I felt lonely, I just hangout with friends. When I have kid, it turned out that this was what I was looking for all this time in a very empty life. I’m fine because I have what I want (kid), “said Aura.

Moreover, on the one hand, Aura Kasih is not being approached by other men, because she rarely leaves the house in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally, Aura Kasih revealed the reason behind her divorce from Eryck Amaral.

“I can’t do LDR and he can’t come too. There’s no way for us. He really doesn’t like living in Indonesia. We’ve always moved, but I can’t, my career is here, I’m making business here. Sorry, I can’t follow you, “said Aura.

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