Ways to prevent diarrhea and typhoid fever during flooding

Flooding is happening in several major cities in Indonesia, namely Depok, Jakarta, Bekasi, and many more. Indeed, there is no one to blame when floods come, due to the fact that natural disasters occur due to human activities. No need to blame each other, the most important thing is to avoid diseases that threaten when the flood arrives.

Diarrhea and typhoid fever are one of them. Both of these diseases can spread through bacteria and viruses, which are caused by humid temperatures. But there are ways to prevent typhus and diarrhea on us, including the following.

– Don’t let your children play in flood water, because many bacteria gather in flood water. If it continues, immediately bathe them with clean water before touching food. Moreover, children are very susceptible to disease.
– Keep our feet away from floodwaters, unless it is an emergency situation. Rinse after finishing with clean water and soap.
– Immediately replace wet clothes with dry clothing to prevent hypothermia
– Protect the limbs by wearing gloves and boots if you have to plunge into flood water
– We recommend using a mask or other cover, avoiding the entry of bacteria when cleaning dust from flooding water.
– Hygienic food and drinks are highly recommended. Drink more water than other types of drinks to keep your stomach acid balanced, avoid also consuming spicy foods for a while.
– Eat fresh food and watch the expiration time. Try to wash your hands with antiseptic soap before consuming food, avoiding the entry of bacteria.
– Prepare a supply of simple medicines such as fever, stomach medicine and diarrhea and vitamins especially for children and toddlers. If indeed the complaint does not go away, try to immediately take it to the doctor or health center and the nearest hospital to get further treatment.

Thus a series of tips to prevent the arrival of diseases such as typhus and diarrhea when the flood season arrives. Do not forget to take vitamins every day, for the sake of increasing our immunity.

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