What makes AC Milan ask to be disqualified from Europa League?

A shocking news has just taken place, where the rich clubs of the Italian Serie A, AC Milan are asking the highest European continent footballers, UEFA to eject their names from the second European caste competition in the 2019-2020 season.

AC Milan themselves were ranked 5th in the Serie A standings last season. These results refer to them as representatives of Italy who will compete in the Europa League next season. As for this status, Milan decided to part with Gennaro Gattuso as coach.

So far, Milan have not been able to find a potential replacement for Gattuso. Apart from that, it turns out that there is something hotter and said that they had investigated UEFA some time ago to come to Milan to conduct an investigation regarding Financial Fair Play (FFP).

However, it was allegedly delayed, because Milan’s appeal to the Sports Arbitration Agency (CAS) for the previous case was processed. This result does not provide an opportunity for Milan to hear opinions with CAS before August 14, 2019.

If on schedule, Milan will still be able to play in the Europa League stage. But the latest news from Corriere della Sera, Milan reportedly intends not to take part in the Europa League 201-2020.

This step is claimed to be Milan’s best step, because it has to prepare all the more important matters including giving time to balance Milan’s balance sheet which until now has not been stable.

If it were true that Milan’s resignation proposal was approved by UEFA, then Torino was ready to replace the position of the rival in an effort to make Italian football famous in continental Europe next season. As we all know, Torino in the competition season succeeded in occupying the sixth position.

And this thing will benefit AS Roma, because they will play in the group stage. Investigated, UEFA party will announce its official announcement on Wednesday, 19 June 2019 local time. Many hopes for Milan to stay afloat and continue their struggle in the Europa League next season.

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