What Neymar Talks about Diving Criticism at the World Cup

Throughout the World Cup 2018 competition yesterday, Neymar is one of the players who often get criticism associated with the action of diving in several matches with the Brazilian national team. Well, after the tournament ended Neymar finally spoke about the criticism.

As is known, Neymar since the beginning has become a stellar player of the Brazilian National Team in this 2018 World Cup. With his brilliant performance at club level and of course quite consistent, of course Neymar is expected to bring the Samba Team drove away in Russia. But unfortunately, Neymar was unable to lead Brazil pass through the quarter-finals.

Yes, Brazil were knocked out of the last 8 after losing to the Belgian national team with a final score of 1-2. Of course, after that Neymar was the target of criticism, but the fact is that criticism not only came to the Paris Saint-Germain star because of his performance, but because of his diving.

In some moments, a number of parties considered that the former Barcelona star is indeed doing diving action, even many who criticize it. To the extent that Manchester United legend,  Eric Cantona also joined Neymar satirical, even appear ads that seem to insinuate action 25-year-old player.

Regarding this, Neymar did not talk much, obviously he was not too concerned about criticism for the sake of criticism that sounded.

“Do you think I want to feel a joke every time? No, it hurts. After the match I withdrew for four or five hours with ice. It’s complicated, but if you do not experience it, then you will not understand, “said Neymar as quoted from Sky Sports.

While related to the jokes that appear on social media, ranging from Meme to advertisements, Neymar himself admitted to laughing at him.

“I already saw the joke, but I just took it as a humor. I even uploaded it to Instagram with my son” he added.

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