What’s Solskjaer said after one year at MU

About a year ago, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had the most important day of his life, where he was appointed as the new manager of Manchester United. Yes, exactly one year ago Solskjaer officially became the manager of the Red Devils, and he was deeply grateful that he had this rare opportunity.

As is known, in December 2018, Manchester United did indeed eject their manager, Jose Mourinho after the club found a series of disappointing results, especially in the Premier League. After weighing a number of options, the club finally appointed their former player, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to coach the first team, but initially it was temporary.

It was only when the 2018/19 season campaign ended, Manchester United appointed Solskjaer to become permanent manager. Exactly on the 20th of December yesterday, Solskjaer commemorated his one year job as manager of Manchester United.

For information, after retiring from his status as a football player, Solskjaer had served as coach of the Manchester United youth team. After that, he continued his coaching career at Molde from 2011 to 2014 and was able to try his luck at Cardiff City, although it was eventually integrated and returned to his old club in Norway in 2015.

After more or less three years dealing with Molde, finally Solskjaer had the opportunity to try out Premier Laegue again by guiding Manchester United. Initially as a caretaker but now the main manager of the Red Devils. Through UTD Podcast, Solskjaer tells the process of his move to MU.

From the beginning, the legend has been told that coaching Manchester United has always been his dream long ago.

“From the beginning, I always wanted to go to Manchester United. But that time was not realized and I returned to Molde. When I sign a contract there, I always emphasize ‘if Man United comes for me, I want in a written contract I can leave for free – if they come, if they contact, whether I’m deaf or naive or stupid enough to believe that ”

“Of course, I realize there is no suspicion of this especially after what happened to me when dealing with Cardiff. But in my contract it says like that and this is the only club for me,” said Solskjaer.

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