What’s special about Daniel James, the new player of MU?

Manchester United finally made their first purchase in the summer transfer market this year, but instead of bringing in first-class players as rumored over the past few months, the Red Devils have brought in a young British Talent, named Daniel James. Yes, the Welshman was bought by Manchester United from the Championship club, Swansea City through a pocket of no less than 15 million pounds.

As a player with a career in the British second division, of course Daniel James is still a stranger to Manchester United fans. Just Information, this 21-year-old player has a stocky posture and indeed if you look at his performance with Swansea in the Championship Division, the player has a pretty promising talent. He even managed to score nine assists and four goals for Swansea last season, besides that, there are several other interesting facts about Manchester United’s new players that you don’t know about the following:

1. Almost join Leeds United

Actually, Swansea City had previously received an offer from Leeds United for Daniel James in the winter transfer market last January. Leeds reached 10 million Pounds for the player, even James had flown to Leeds to do a medical test. But finally the Swansea abandoned the intention to sell James at the time, and it seemed like it was the right decision, because they then got a bigger profit by selling the player to Mancester United.

2. Same speed as Mbappe

Even though it looks like it has a stocky posture, the fact is that James himself is a player who has no trouble carrying his weight when running. In fact, the public considered that Daniel James had incredible speed, almost matching the speed of a Kylian Mbappe. But responding to this assessment, James himself was reluctant to head, and called the judgment too excessive.

3. Idolizes the figure of Raheem Sterling

Unlike most young players who idolize the figure of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniel James actually idolizes one of Manchester City’s young players, Raheem Sterling. Yes, James claimed to be amazed by the speed of the England national winger and was ready to work hard to match the level of the idol.

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