WHO asks industry to increase surgical mask production

The Coronavirus outbreak phenomenon is now a worldwide concern. Many countries have felt the impact, and this has caused panic among the people.

They tried to take precautionary measures against the COVID-19 virus with one of them wearing a mask. As a result, people flocked to buy masks and increase their inventory at home.

That way, market demand for this protective device rises. Now, masks have become a rare item. Evidenced by the increasing price per box that can reach 250 thousand, from the beginning of 80 thousand.

However, ironically the panic action carried out by people, actually had an impact on something else. WHO or the World Health Organization says that currently medical personnel around the world are lacking some protective equipment, including masks.

The intended protective equipment is not just a mask, but also a respirator, goggles, face shield, and a medical gown. WHO itself claims that at least 89 million masks are needed each month to respond to the Coronavirus Outbreak.

For this reason, WHO then asked the Indonesian industry to increase the production of protective equipment including surgical mask.

“Without a safe source of supply, there is a real risk for health workers worldwide. Industry and government must act quickly to increase supply, facilitate exports, and enact measures to stop speculation and hoarding,”

“We cannot stop the COVID-19 outbreak without protecting health workers first,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was quoted as saying on the official WHO website.

Keep in mind, they are the Medical staff are far more in need of masks than we are still healthy. Because, they are more at risk of contracting this virus.

In addition, the community must also understand that those who should wear masks are not those who are healthy, but those who are sick.

But naturally, this is an act of panic as a form of self-prevention against the Coronavirus that is being endemic. In Indonesia, there have been two people, who were positively affected by the virus.

While throughout the world, fatalities from this virus have reached more than 2,000 lives!

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