WHO finally spoken up about Coronavirus rumors

In the midst of the efforts of medical experts and scientists to reduce the spread of Coronavirus that is becoming more and more severe, there is actually oblique news about the source of this virus.

As is known, COVID-19 cases throughout the world indeed continue to grow, with a total of more than 2.4 million cases found so far. While in Indonesia, there have been more than 7 thousand positive cases.

That means, the spread of this virus is very massive, no wonder that a number of countries have imposed strict rules to reduce the spread. In Indonesia, there are some rules that have been set, including the prohibition of going home.

It’s just that, when various efforts are made to stop or break the chain of spread of this virus, there are just issues that are heard sloping. One of them, the origin of this virus which is still not revealed with certainty.

Several skewed issues sound, one of which is the issue that this virus is a laboratory-engineered virus by humans themselves. However, the WHO has denied this lopsided issue. They explained that so far the source of the virus is more directed at bats.

“At this stage, it is impossible to determine the exact origin of the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“However, all the evidence shows that the virus originated from animals and was not manipulated or made. The virus is most likely carried by bats,”

“Many experts have looked at the genome of the virus, and they found evidence that it contradicted claims that the virus was engineered in a laboratory,” WHO spokesman Fadela Chaib was quoted as saying by CNN.

Interestingly, US President Donald Trump actually accused WHO of being inclined to defend China, and was slow in dealing with the spread of the Virus which had infected more than 2.4 million people worldwide.

That reason also made Uncle Sam’s country stop sending their aid to WHO.

So far, there is no appropriate vaccine to stop the spread of Corona Virus. However, WHO has recently announced that it is conducting a trial of 2 of 70 vaccines that have been created at this time.

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