WHO recommendations for breastfeeding mothers with COVID-19

Coronavirus is increasingly rampant, and the spread rate is very high in various countries. In Indonesia, a total of more than 850 positive cases of COVID-19 have been found to date.

The fact also must be considered is that this virus does not look at age, can attack anyone. Elder people, young people, children, women, especially breastfeeding mothers. The reason is that breastfeeding mothers have a weak body equipment system.

In the case of daily life, it is not uncommon to hear that Mothers are susceptible to disease. Some even experience hair loss during the process of breastfeeding your child. Therefore, it is not surprising that Breastfeeding Mothers are vulnerable to viruses, especially this Corona Virus.

So, can Breastfeeding Mothers who have contracted the Corona Virus still be able to provide breastfeeding to your child? Of course still However, WHO provides several recommendations for Breastfeeding Mothers who have tested positive for COVID-19. The following recommendations are:

Of course it still can, but it must be considered the advice of the WHO for Breastfeeding Mothers who are attacked by the plague of COVID-19. Here’s the recommendation:

  1. Keep clean and keep wearing a mask

Keeping clean is a recommendation for everyone in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic, especially for those who have already contracted it. Breastfeeding mothers also have to maintain the cleanliness of the house, especially the room where they used to give breast milk to the child.

During breastfeeding, Mother is also required to wear a mask so that your child is not exposed to this virus.

  1. Wash hands before and after touching your babies

Washing your hands in running water with soap is far more effective at removing bacteria or germs that stick to our hands than using hand sanitizers. Therefore, for Breastfeeding Mothers it is advisable to keep washing their hands with soap both before and after touching or breastfeeding your child.

  1. Clean the equipment at home with disinfectants regularly

The last suggestion, still routinely spray disinfectant on goods or equipment that is often used such as chairs, tables, door handles, refrigerator handles and others. Perform routine for two days, do not forget to keep disinfectants from your child.

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