Wife became victim of sexual harassment, Isa Bajaj finally reported to police

Sexual harassment cases still seem to be rife, even though they don’t even recognize the artist’s class. As experienced by Rahayu Mutiara, wife of a senior comedian, Isa Bajaj. Recently, Rahayu Mutiara became a victim of sexual harassment by an unknown man.

Feeling unacceptable for his wife to be a victim of sexual harassment, Isa Bajaj then reported this case to the Duren Sawit Police, as of Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

Isa explained that the authorities would crosscheck the chronology of the incident based on the witnesses or CCTV who were near the scene of the case.

“It has been reported by the police. Today we have made an official report. The incident was Sunday, Monday the police picked up the ball, and asked us what the chronology was and there was no CCTV that could be seen because they needed it to check the number plates. Yes, hopefully the license plate is genuine, “said Isa Bajaj in Jalan Kapten Tendean, South Jakarta.

Everything started when the wife was doing her morning routine, namely running around the complex. Usually Isa accompanied his wife, but for some reason he was unable to do so.

While running, suddenly an unknown man riding a motorbike approached Rahayu Mutiara. The man then showed Mr. P his wife Isa Bajaj.

Isa himself admitted that he was annoyed when he heard the complaint from his wife, he immediately approached Security to report the incident.

“Really annoyed. I went straight to security, really annoyed. I usually accompany him every day, right, he always has four regular rounds in the complex, 4 kilos”

“I usually when he had two rounds, he told me, and asked the children whether he was awake yet. After that, take a walk together. So this happened just yesterday I didn’t accompany me, “regretted Isa Bajaj.

Meanwhile, Mutiara Rahayu admitted that she could not clearly see the face of the perpetrator, because at that time he was wearing a hat and mask. But Mutiara Rahayu believed that the man lived near the Complex, because he was not wearing a helmet.

“I don’t (see) (his face), because he’s wearing a mask and wearing his hat. But, because he doesn’t wear a helmet, maybe he lives not far from the complex environment,” said wife Isa Bajaj.

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