Wife of Ezequiel Garay’s not hesitate sharing her nude shoot on social media

Ezequiel Garay, who is known as a former Real Madrid player, turned out to have a very sexy wife, and his wife was able to conjure up millions pairs of male eyes through uploading sexy photos.

This latest, the wife again made a scene of social media users by indulging in naked pose. On her Instragram, she has 1.2 million followers. A model and TV presenter from Spain, Tamara Gorro bravely showcased her style that was being photographed in a clothesless corn plantation area.

It doesn’t take long, uploads shared to Instagram immediately get more than 64 thousand likes. If we analyzed, the most likes come from male accounts. The action of Tamara is not the first time, she claimed to have many nude photos stored.

Tamara continued that in the future, she would not hesitate to share the same style back into social media accounts publicly.

“Leaving clothes because I want to do it. I do it because it doesn’t hurt anyone. I am naked because I have the same body as the others. I don’t wear
clothes because I’m free, “said Tamara.

Tamara, who is currently 32 years old, officially married Garay in the 2012 season. So far, they have been blessed with two children. On the other hand, Garay’s career as a professional footballer was quite successful.

Where the peak of his career was docked to Real Madrid in the 2008 season. But unfortunately, the achievement of Garay was not as expected with always being a reserve player. The situation that lasted quite a long time has changed the mind of the club and Garay himself who finally agreed to the loan process to Racing Santander.

Not to stop there, Garay also recorded his career with Benfica and Zenit St Petersburg. Then, Garay finally decided to return to Spain after Valencia recruited him in the 2016 season.

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