Wife shows her back nude photos, Garay feels happy!

Ezequiel Garay deserves to be called a soccer player who gives absolute freedom to his lover to express himself both in official media and non-official media such as social media. The player’s attitude is also proven true, where he feels happy when he finds out the lover showing off behind the nude photos.

The lover named Tamara Gorro who had just made a sensation. Where Tamara freely shares nude photos while doing yoga on the beach. It did not take long, citizens also gave their pros and cons views. If counted, then more people criticized Tamara as an influencer.

Hearing this news, Garay predicted that would prohibit and provide certainty to delete the post, but instead liked the photo posted by his wife. Can be interpreted here that Garay clearly provides full support for his wife to pose like that.

Tamara who has many followers succeeded in attracting 1.3 million followers on Instagram, this big moment was clearly due to Tamara’s attitude of posting photos of Yoga with head down and feet above. All this is viral because of the way it is done with naked naked, and Tamara’s buttocks are clearly visible.

“That’s a good photo. I like it, “said Garay.

No different from her husband, Tamara also showed her self-defense by sticking to her decision to post the vulgar photo. Indeed Tamara was able to predict that there would be pros and cons.

“I have predicted what will happen. Everyone tells me that you have a nice butt and want to show it, it’s best to do it. “Tamara said.

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