Wife uploads photos of Jerinx in Moeslim attire and carrying Al-Qur’an

Jerinx SID’s wife, Nora Alexandra recently made netizens excited by uploading a photo of her husband wearing Muslim attire and carrying the Holy Qur’an on social media.

In fact, in the cartoon nuanced image, there are some writings, one of which is ‘Akhyy Jrx’.

But in the photo caption, Nora confirmed that the photo was indeed found on Twitter. She also admits that her husband is actually a kind man, it’s just that his character is “fierce”.

“I found this photo on Twitter, the point is @jrxsid you are a good person, only sometimes when you type it banar, how has he been like that before meeting me,” wrote Nora.

Nora even admits that she has tried to change Jerinx’s character, it’s just that she finally gave up because nothing changed. She surrendered and accepted her husband’s character.

“I just can’t turn you into a polite / easy person to read if you make a statement, okay,” said Nora.

On social media, Jerinx may look fierce and aggressive, but actually he is very generous and likes to help people, even if they are strangers.

“Btw people who know and have met you know how you like to help your friends, even people you don’t know, if your body is not full of tattoos, even the way the criticism is a little cool to read, how would people be more like that?”

“Yes, what is the name of a punk, what is that punk? Well, the point is you are good, but wearing a songkok / cap is cool to see, thank God,” said Nora.

Interestingly, Jerinx SID also commented on the post by showing that he was touched.

“Mamaaaaa,” wrote Jerinx plus a heart emoji and laughed until he cried.

But still, it’s not a netizen if you don’t question Jerinx’s religion or beliefs.

“Is he Moeslim, sis?” comment on the account @ alya.angel99.
“As far as I know he is a non-Moeslim,” said @ van_cb100.

Nora also explained that the photo she met on Twitter was not a real photo.

“JRX is agnostic, someone uploaded JRX’s photos on Twitter,” said Nora.

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