Winner of 2020 French Open, this is what Nadal says…

Rafael Nadal successfully won the first match at the 2020 French Open against Egar Gerasimov. So, what did the world number one say?

Nadal himself had previously had disappointing results. His comeback after six months of absence was marked by poor results at the 2020 Italian Open. The man from Spain was eliminated early in the quarter-finals.

Of course, with this disappointment Nadal was determined to pay for it in the 2020 open French event. Moreover, the man from Spain has a good track record in this event by winning 12 times.

Initially, Nadal predicted to have difficulty playing given the colder weather and the heavier weight of the ball. But he managed to win in the opening match against Egar Gerasimov with a score of 6-4, 6-4 and 6-2.

However, Nadal cannot deny the fact that the Roland Garros arena used in yesterday’s match is unlike before, more difficult to beat.

“This is a different Roland Garros. Completely different from usual. But for me, this season is still special, “said Nadal.

But regardless, Nadal is still delighted with the win at the start of his journey. He is also preparing for the second half whose schedule has yet to be determined.

“I will keep trying my best. I’m happy to be in the second half after a positive start and now is the moment to get back to the hotel, have a training session the next day, and try to get ready for the second half. ” He said.

Rafael Nadal himself has extra motivation at the 2020 open French event. He has now recorded 94 victories in this Grand Slam event, meaning that there are only six wins left to a record of 100 wins.

In addition, Rafael Nadal has also collected 12 titles at the French Open. However, the tennis player was reluctant to be tempted by a series of records.

“The only thing I can guarantee is that I am here to do my best every day and try to give the best to people every day. In a way, sport helps other people, “added Nadal.

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