With or without Marc Marquez, MotoGP is still competitive

Many argue that Joan Mir’s victory in the 2020 MotoGP event was the result of an uncompetitive competition due to the absence of Marc Marquez since the first series. However, the CEO of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta disagrees with this assumption.

Marc Marquez did appear in the first series but did not reach the finish line due to a severe accident that broke his humerus.

As a result of this injury, the Spanish rider had to get to the operating table several times and finally missed the whole season.

Of course, the absence of Marc Marquez is very unfortunate considering the Repsol Honda racer is the defending champion and world champion eight times. Not surprisingly, many people think that the course of the 2020 season is not as competitive as usual.

There are also those who think that Joan Mir’s victory in the 2020 season was below standard due to the absence of a Marc Marquez.

However, Carmelo Ezpeleta strongly disagrees with this assumption, because according to him or not Marc Marquez, the MotoGP competition remains competitive and interesting to watch.

“Marc has a great passion for his job. He was unlucky at Jerez. However, the 2020 competition still has the same value. I remember in 1999, no one thought his competition value decreased just because Doohan fell.”

“Without Marc, the competition will still be continued by the riders on the track,” said Ezpeleta.

In addition, there are also opinions that say that MotoGP 2020 is a competition that is below standard not only because of the absence of a Marc Marquez, but also because it only consists of 13 races.

Indeed, this season only consists of 13 Races due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic. However, Ezpeleta did not feel any lack of motivation from the riders to compete towards the championship ladder.

“In my opinion, the argument that the 2020 world title is not very valuable because there are only 15 races is not correct. Even though from the start 13 races have been validly called world championships.”

“MotoGP 2020 is running beautifully, and maybe it would be better if there was Marc, but his absence did not change the competition,” he concluded.

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