Wow, a 9 meter tapeworm came out from this person’s anus

Have you ever imagined that there are actually some free-living worms in our body? Of course not, because we are in good health, so we do not believe it. But for information, one of the worms that exist inhabit our bodies is tapeworms.

Believe it or not, but that’s the reality, as recently experienced by a Thai citizen named Kritsada Ratprachoom. The 44-year-old man was surprised by a tapeworm that came out of his anus when defecating or defecating. Even more surprised him, the worm measuring 9 meters!

Quoted from the Mirror, Kritsada felt something squirming in his buttocks, then he immediately pulled the object out. He knew that what he was pulling was a sticky, elastic textured tapeworm that was still alive. Not wanting to be considered lying, Kritsada then photographed the tapeworm with his cellphone as evidence to the doctor.

He told me that at that time he had not finished defecating, as if there was something left of his rectum. It was felt that something stretched during bowel movements, then he pulled the object. What a surprise, that what he met was a 9 meter tapeworm!

“I feel like I haven’t finished pooping, there’s something like I’m left behind,” Kritsada said.

After being pulled out, the very long tapeworm stretched in its toilet. Kritsada did not know how the tapeworm entered his body. Flat tapeworms are like pipes that can live in the intestine when swallowing food or drinks that are contaminated with eggs or newly hatched tapeworms.

For information, Tapeworm itself can live in our intestines for 25 years! Although it can have quite serious effects, this problem can still be treated medically. Meanwhile, citing detikcom media, Ribbon Worms can grow to a maximum of 16 meters!

Therefore, always be aware of what you consume, you should wash your hands before consuming anything.

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