Wow, Arsenal ‘teased’ Khedira with a salary offer of IDR 613 million per week!

Veteran Juventus, Sami Khedira must really think of one big step in the course of his football career. This cannot be separated from the situation awaiting his decision, whether to accept salary cuts in large numbers if he accepted the offer to move to Arsenal.

Investigated, a reduction in his salaries almost reached 50 percent. Many Italian football observers dare to state that Sami Khedira’s future in the Juventus squad for the 2019-2020 season will not work well, could even end badly, as Juventus now have a lot of midfielders.

At the age of no longer young, Sami Khedira was more prone to injury and the status was appropriate for Juventus to consider his future. The purchase of Juventus in the transfer market is increasingly showing a shift in the place of the player, say they have brought Adrien Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey.

Moving to London is a good option for Sami Khedira’s career, but all of that is at great risk with the situation of paying cuts or receiving a smaller salary. According to the latest sources, the name Arsenal is a club that has the potential to land the German-born midfielder.

It was continued that Arsenal were only able to pay Sami Khedira’s salary in the range of half of the 70 thousand Pounds per week given by Juventus. In other words, Arsenal can only pay 36 thousand Pounds or around IDR 613 million per week.

Issues that have been fried now have weaknesses, where there is no certainty from both sides and Sami Khedira himself is still training with Maurizio Sarri’s care team.

Here Juventus showed an attitude of humility, where they would not complicate Sami Khedira’s move out of Turin. They are also claimed not to set high prices, and are ready to open negotiations with anyone at market prices.

Seeing the situation that is developing now, Sami Khedira is believed not to immediately accept or reject Arsenal’s offer. In the prediction the player will first see other opportunities that are more profitable for his career. Here is not only Arsenal who show interest in Sami Khedira.

Also known were offers coming from other British teams, including Wolves. He added that many big clubs from the United States playing in Major League Soccer were also ready to offer new contracts to Sami Khedira.

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