Wow! Cat’s whiskers can be used to treat asthma and kidney stones!

Cat’s whiskers is a type of plant or ornamental plant that is usually cultivated as home yard decoration. Yet far from it, this plant that resembles a cat’s whiskers has tremendous benefits.

At least, there are 5 benefits of the cat’s whiskers plant, including treating Asthma and kidney stones. In full, the following 5 benefits.

1. Treating Asthma

As we said, cat’s whiskers can treat asthma, because the ingredients in the plant are believed to be able to expel breathing. The method is fairly easy, boil the flowers of the cat’s whiskers plant, after that drink the cooking water. Do it three times a day. This method can also be used to relieve coughs and colds.

2. Treating Kidney Stones

Cat’s whiskers are often processed into tea by some Indonesian people. Tea from the leaves of cat’s whiskers is believed to destroy kidney stones. In fact, this fact has also been proven medically. It’s just to note that cat’s whiskers can only destroy small kidney stones, less than 5cm.

3. Bladder Problems

Does your bladder sometimes have problems? Usually known as OAB or Overactive Bladder. Like there is an urge to continue urinating. Well, the leaves of cat’s whiskers are believed to be effective in cleaning tracts and making the bladder system easier. Aside from treating, cat’s whiskers can also prevent similar things from happening in the future.

4. Lowering Blood Pressure

You who have high blood pressure can consider an option for treatment with a cat’s whiskers. In fact, it contains berberine, monacolin, and policosanols. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and metgylripariochromene substances in cat whiskers have been medically proven to reduce blood pressure.

5. Killing Fungus on the Skin

And the last of the benefits of this cat’s whiskers plant is a medicinal fungus that grows on your skin. Usually, fungus on the skin causes extraordinary itching. Just apply boiled water cat’s whiskers, or can be drunk.

Usually, by drinking cat’s whiskers cooking water, the itching disappears more quickly.

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