Wow, Hana Hanifah bought a luxury car, where’s the money came from?

Not long ago, Hana Hanifah again made a scene by buying a new luxury car labeled Porsche. Obviously, netizens are questioning the source income of beautiful celebrity will be able to buy a car worth IDR 2.4 billion.

So, to answer that question, Nikita Mirzani then invited the woman who had been horrendous through the online prostitution case in 2020 to be a guest star on her YouTube Channel.

On this occasion, Nikita also admitted that she was surprised where Hana Hanifah’s income came from so that she could buy a car worth IDR 2.4 billion.

In fact, with a joking tone, Nikita Mirzani said that the income came from Gadun (Naughty Man).

“You have a lot of money, it’s from gadun?” added Niki.

However, Hana Hanifah denied the allegations and emphasized that she did not pay for the car in full at the beginning, but instead paid a down payment of 400 million Rupiah.

“It’s not like that sis. Yesterday I did DP 400 million (IDR). Thee car price around IDR 2 billion. Maybe next week, I will pay in cash,” said Hana.

The celebgram also told me that this car was her dream car for a long time, so she had been saving for a long time to be able to buy the car.

“I wanted to do credit, but I thought about crediting the money, right … Nope (from gadun) sis. I always saving and I’m not interested to pay installment. From the first (saving), because it’s a dream car. That’s why I had time I sold the car first, then I bought a new car, “said Hana.

Hana then said that most of her income came from endorse on Instagram, there are even products that generate endorsement fees of 50 million Rupiah per month.

“There is, like yesterday, the (clothing) brand she wants a month’s contract can get 50 (million). That’s PP, endorsement PP,” she explained.

Furthermore, Hana showed the contents of the Direct Message on her Instagram account to Nikita Mirzani, that many men contacted her to date.

“Nothing, I never chatted with men. I’m a really ignorant person with men. I still traumatized, but if something is okay, fine,” she said.

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