Wow! IDR 17.8 billion bonus for Lampard, if Chelsea passed the group phase of Champions League

Frank Lampard is one step away from officially signing his former club, Chelsea. Many media claim that the legend is in the negotiation of the duration of the contract and one that sounds loud is discussed here is the amount of bonus he will get when successfully delivering the Blues far away in the 2019-2020 Champions League.

Lampard can be said to be a new coach for Chelsea next season, and will accompany Willian CS for the next three seasons. The certainty confirmed that Lampard replaced the position left by Maurizio Sarri, who moved to Juventus.

This rumor proved to be true with Lampard leaving Derby County, the club he coached, to join the Blues. Investigate, the amount of salary that Lampard will get for the next three seasons is 4 million pounds per season.

This salary amount can increase even more if Lampard can provide positive values in the game or even a new title for Chelsea next season. One of the most talked about bonuses is a bonus when he is able to bring Chelsea through to the Champions League group phase next season.

That escaped target is one of Lampard’s heavy paths with Chelsea later. Based on insider information, if Lampard would pocket 1 million pounds, as a bonus if he could break the challenge. Where this value ranges from IDR 17.8 billion, and that value has not been confirmed, because it is still in the process of negotiation.

Apart from the amount of bonus that is available, surely the Lampard road next season will not be easy, and the promised bonus will also make Lampard’s burden even greater. Because there are already many more important burdens than that, where Chelsea are now in different circumstances.

One obstacle to Lampard is that Chelsea are currently in sanctions against buying new players. In the sense that Lampard can only use existing players, and one advantage here is only being able to recall players who were in loan last season.

Most crucial is the status of Chelsea now abandoned by Eden Hazard, who is Chelsea’s star and life in the last few seasons. Hazard surprisingly moved to Real Madrid in the transfer market this summer after undergoing 8 seasons with the Blues.

Now the most frequently heard question is the quality of Lampard as a debutant coach, enabling the legend with this 211 goals record for Chelsea to break the target of qualifying for the next season of Champions League group phase.

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