Wow! Liverpool officially created a TikTok account

Liverpool successfully won the Champions League 2018-2019, this status turned out to show the other side of the club from the English Premier League. This latest, the Reds were listed as the first English club to launch an official account on a social media platform from China, named TikTok.

The main purpose of Liverpool to introduce their TikTok account is clearly to simply expand its wings more widely in the world of markets, throughout the world in order to be close to fans. It has become the warmth of the world, when football has been affected in technological developments.

It is recorded to date, that every club must have an official account on several social media to continue to connect with their loyal fans. Just mention supporting media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook has become an important bridge.

For the role of the media, fans will feel closer to their favorite club. Speaking from ancient times to the present, then in ancient times, electronic media was the best bridge. Now everything changes, and fans can immediately touch closer.

This method is being implemented by Liverpool in an effort to expand its wings in the world of global markets. When Liverpool almost had various kinds of social media accounts, now they want to develop in the realm of TikTok. As for many world clubs that have accounts from China, Liverpool only want to be the first club from the Premier League.

As a plan, Liverpool have the concept of using the TikTok media as a step to make behind-the-scenes videos, as well as live shows from the practice site. In their steps, justification were delivered directly by Markus Breglec, as Liverpool’s marketing and media senior vice president, who admitted that TikTok was chosen to develop their social media, which now reaches 66 million followers with the majority of young generation.

“We always try to present creative and innovative ideas to strengthen our close relationships and connect with our fans around the world. We are proud to be able to launch the realm of our new officials at TikTok, which we see has a lot of potential to reach new and younger audiences with video content that attracts and embraces them, “Breglec said.

The idea of Breglec also received direct support from the partnership manager of TikTok, Normanno Pisani. Through the big data available, they see that Liverpool is a football team capable of attracting many masses from millions of people around the world.

“Liverpool is one club that is able to create extraordinary content to connect with their fans around the world. With the unique TikTok format, we believe fans will be able to enjoy this content in a fun and interesting way, “Pisani said.

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