Wow! Rachel Vennya claimed she has blocked 100 thousand haters

A beautiful Indonesia celebgram, Rachel Vennya, wrote an insta story that contained stories about the number of her followers who had decreased since the decision to remove the hijab. In her upload, this 25-year-old woman admitted that she had indeed blocked more than 100 thousand haters.

For information, the woman who was born in Jakarta, September 23, 1995, did make the netizens excited about her decision to remove the hijab some time ago.

Inevitably, considering that many of her followers who really like Rachel Vennya’s style of dress, which tends to be Islamic, immediately went to unfollow the beautiful celebrity’s Instagram account.

In total, since her decision to remove the hijab until now, there have been more than 100 thousand users, who have unfollowed Rachel Vennya’s Instagram account.

But interestingly, some complained that they were blocked by Rachel Vennya just for asking how the celebgram’s two children were.

“I just saw on TikTok someone got me block, but she said only asked Biru and Chava where? Usually I block people whose questions were quite annoying, if just asking where is Biru? Where is Chava? I usually won’t block,” wrote Rachel Vennya via her Instagram Stories.

Rachel Vennya herself admitted that she had indeed blocked her followers who gave comments and criticisms that tended to fall, especially those that led to blasphemy because of her decision to remove the hijab.

“And the criticism that I think is not goof and make me sad, I also block people who say hate comments to me. Many of them are” disappointed “” poor “and words that I don’t think I need to read, yes I block , “said Rachel Vennya again.

Furthermore, Rachel Vennya claimed to have blocked more than 100 thousand users or followers who were deemed to be bothering her.

The amount is quite a lot and of course affects the endorsement income. However, Rachel Venya admitted that there was no problem with this.

“I only want people who follow me, who are loyal to me, I block more than 100 thousand people, I think and I don’t have a problem with my followers number going down,” Rachel said.

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