Wow! Scientists create food from the air!

Food is one important element for this life, not only for humans, but for every living creature in this world. For humans themselves, food sources can be obtained from nature, but limited natural resources turned out to make scientists begin to conduct research, until innovation so that in the future there are unlimited alternatives that can be utilized.

Moreover, lately more intense development has been carried out so that a lot of agricultural land and plantations that become food sources has been reduced. Well, recently scientists from Finland found unique foods that were predicted to be a food trend in the future. Said to be food in the future because this food comes from the air. How come?

Is a group of scientists from Finland named Solar Foods that makes prototypes of futuristic foods made from air and electricities. The food is named Solein, which is a protein that looks like wheat powder. Solein itself is made from a scientific process, using water that is electrified, and then uses up carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Then the process is put into the final product which will ferment, just like an alcoholic drink, later the fermentation results are then reprocessed to create Solein. In fact, Solein has been shown to contain 50 percent protein, which means that the intake is very good for the body.

Not only that, Solein can also be used for various types of food, and can be printed in various forms.

“Agriculture-free food creates amazing possibilities to save people and the planet,” Dr. Pasi Vainikka, Chief Executive of Solar Foods.

Furthermore, Dr. Pasi Vainikka said that by temporarily switching to a plant-based diet, it could help make time to save species and places. In fact, Solein is in fact far more affordable in terms of price than agricultural or plantation products. Apart from that, Solein also goes through an environmentally friendly processing compared to other foods including fast food.

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