Waduh, Produksi Smartphone Terancam Menurun Karena Hal Ini

Wow, Smartphone Production Threatened To Decrease Because of This

The market demand for smartphones has continued to increase in recent years, but there are concerns because the production of smart phones is threatened to decline for some reason.

For information, since mid-2020, it was reported that the stock of semiconductor chips commonly used on smartphones has increased in number, so it’s no wonder the price of chipsets has increased.

There is hope that in 2021, the scarcity of Semiconductor Chips will subside, but on the contrary, the condition is even more worrying.

This was revealed by Lu Weibing’s statement as President of Xiaomi China.

As for China, there are two smartphone manufacturers that use the latest Snapdragon 888 series Chipset, besides Xiaomi there is Realme. Xiaomi immersed it in the Redmi K40 cellphone, while Realme released the Realme GT 5G.

Well, during the launch event of the Xiaomi Redmi K40, Lu Weibing revealed that the scarcity of Chipset could affect Smartphone production.

“I dare not promise to declare that there will be a shortage of cellphones this year,” added Weibing.

Meanwhile, the Realme Spokesman said that currently, the Main Chip and several other small chips such as Qualcomm’s Power Supply and Radio Frequency are currently completely depleted.

According to sources from the component supplier industry, component shipments from Qualcomm are said to have been extended to 30 weeks. The delivery cycle of the Bluetooth CSR chip has reached more than 33 weeks.

Meanwhile, on the one hand, there are still many other cellphone manufacturers such as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus and others who plan to continue releasing their latest smartphone models. This clearly creates an imbalance between existing supply and market demand.

Reported by Gizchina, Tuesday (2/3/2021), judging by the overall scarcity, the stock of these components will at least not be available until the end of 2021.

If this situation continues, it is likely that next year’s Smartphone production will not be as much as this year. It is interesting to see how the steps of the producers to outsmart this situation, considering that the market demand for smartphones is still relatively high.

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