Wow! Pria Ini Berhasil Capai Titik Paling Dalam di Bumi

Wow! This man Reach The Deepest Point On Earth

Richard Garriott, a figure known as an astronaut, managed to make a considerable achievement, where he managed to reach the deepest point of the earth that can be reached by humans today, precisely in Challenger Deep, the Mariana Trench.

For information, the Mariana Trench is recorded as the deepest trough on earth today, with its deepest point called the Challenger Deep term, its own depth of up to 10 kilometers!

Meanwhile, Gariott, who is a video game designer and programmer, has previously taken extreme stunts by flying to the International Space Station (ISS) space station together with the Soyuz TMA-13 ​​capsule.

He is also one of the people who have explored the North Pole and South Pole. In fact, he was the first person to record such an unusual feat. As for the Challenger Deep exploration record, Gariott is not the first person.

“I was the first person to go from the north pole to the south pole and the second person, first for men, to have been to space and the deepest point on Earth,” he said.

Victor Vescovo is the first person to reach the deepest point of the mariana trough, while the one who has been to space and is a deep challenger is a woman, Kathy Sullivan, in 2020.

As for reaching the deepest point of the mariana trough, Gariott boarded a sophisticated submarine called the Limitng Factor. This vehicle is designed to survive in the very deep oceans to the deepest point of the Earth and was developed by Vescovo.

Of course Gariott was there not just for a trip, but also to take samples for the sake of knowledge.

Gariott himself tells how his experience descended to the deepest point on earth.

“The sub is descending so fast and so deep that it’s completely dark outside just moments after gliding and you feel like you’re falling into darkness for about 4 hours,” he said.

But regarding what animals are the inhabitants of Challenger Deep, Gariott cannot name each one.

“There is quite a lot of life in the deepest point of Earth there. We saw intermittently there are crustaceans several inches long roaming at the bottom,” he added.

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